The Wardroom

Alvan Magallones

Andy Grimsted

Anthony Smith

Arline Daniels Welch

Ashley Allen

Benjamin McEwan

Claude Maluenda

Enrico De Bruin

Hakan Cronqvist

John Rushford

John Wodehouse

Karina Cull

Ken Watkins

Kenny Campbell

Kevin Whitehead

Louis De Sousa

Maggie O'Donnell

Mark Peters

Matt Phillips

Melissa Downey Scripps

Michael Connolly

Neil Moore

Nick Horler

Paul Danby

Peter Ward

Phil Keelan

Rod Fair

Steven Adler

Stuart Barton

Tara Doel

Tim Johnson

Wilfred Whitehead

The Wardroom is still in the process of rebuilding many of the crew pages that were featured on the old site. If you do not see what you were looking for, please check back soon!

RMS is extremely grateful to the kindness and generosity of QE2's crew for sharing with us their personal memories of their experiences aboard this great liner.

These photos are courtesy of Richard Paul and Byron H. Both of whom were honoured guests of the Wardroom aboard QE2. Pictured is the Wardroom dart board, QE2's Builder's Plaque, Aquitania's bell, the familiar door that has been used by officers and guests for forty years, and a multitude of ship's plaques presented to the Wardroom as gifts from ships the world over. The walls covered in history.