The circular Midships Rotunda is on Two Deck. Being the lobby, it is the point where most passengers board the ship. Dennis Lennon, who designed it, see's the lobby as the ship's center of gravity. The dark colour scheme was undoubtedly chosen for dramatic effect as well as to match the D Stairway immediately aft.

Two passageways branch off it obliquely, leading to the ship's side. Both will be sealed off from the lobby by sliding aluminium doors once the ship is underway and are used for  storage on the port side and as a waiting room for the Doctor's surgery on the Starboard. Other openings in the navy blue hide walls show glimpses of cedar-lined passages leading forward to the first-class cabins. Two showcases and two kiosks, one acting as an inquiry office have been let into the walls.

Sunk into the middle of the lobby is a circular seating area furnished with glass-topped coulsdon tables by William Plunkett and banquette seats covered in apple green hide. At the centre of the seating well, a column clad in white GRP mushrooms upward to conceal the vent discharge and support the beam casings which fan out and divide the fluted silver painted ceiling into 12 segments. A ring of spotlights fitted between each beam shines down onto the rich ink blue carpet and the ceiling itself is lit up by internally slivered spots fitted into the back of the banquettes. To complete an elaborate and dramatic lighting plan, a fluorescent strip concealed behind Perspex diffusers, defines the walls of the lobby. Contract work is by Elliot, Samuel & Sons Ltd.