Ladies and Gentlemen, Your Attention Please!

Lifeboat Drill with Stuart Barton

The voice of Stuart Barton, ship's DJ was used for lifeboat drill during the 1980s. Played from the bridge, the machine would on occasion ruin the tape. Stuart always kept a spare. He has graciously shared it with us.

Welcome To The Bridge

The Bridge aboard QE2 is the command center of the ship. It is from this spot high atop the liner on Signal Deck that numerous captains have guided QE2 through the oceans of the world. The Engine Rooms, Boiler Room, Turbo Diesel Engines in later years all recieved their orders from here.

Due to high security no visitors were allowed. It was the domain of only those who belonged there. VIPs however - celebrities, politicians and royalty were invited to experience departures and arrivals of the ship from this vantage point.

The look of The Bridge changed over the years. In QE2's early days the bridge was mostly grey but after the refit of 1987 The Bridge was treated to a make-over with wood accents, carpeting etc.

One deck below The Bridge on Sports Deck is the Captain's Quarters. This suite of rooms comprised of Bedroom, Day Room, wardrobes, a pantry for serving guests at private parties and a view over the bow.

Like the ship's Wardroom, the Captain's Quarters was lined with plaques, trophies, photos and other irreplaceable pieces of Cunard's proud heritage. Naturally there were also photos of Her Majesty there as well. One item of note was a special aluminium respresentation of QE2's propellors that has stood on the Captain's desk for most of the ship's life.

Also the stairs and vestibule leading up to the private area from Boat Deck are lined with memorabilia. Incredibly at the time of writing this the final disposition of these items has yet to be announced. Let's hope they will be preserved for future generations.

These photos of QE2's Bridge are courtesy of Richard Paul