Welcome Aboard Queen Elizabeth 2

QE2's Social Center

  • Boat Deck

    Wardroom, Queens Grill & Queens Grill Bar, Theater, Boardroom, Foyers, Royal Promenade.

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  • Upper Deck

    Mauretania Restaurant, Crystal Bar, Golden Lion Pub, Theater, Casino, Grand Lounge, Yacht Club.

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  • Quarter Deck

    Princess & Britannia Grills, Caronia Restaurant, Library, Chart Room, Queens Room, Lido.

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Ship's Articles

  • Millions of Meals

    In the first ten years of QE2's life at sea, Executive Chef Bainbridge and his kitchen teams produced at least twenty one million meals for passengers alone and about nine and a half million for the crew, averaging 2,100,000 meals a year.

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  • http://www.rmsqueenelizabeth2.com/shipbuilder001.html

    Design Considerations

    INVESTIGATIONS were first started by Cunard into a replacement for the liner 'Queen Mary' in 1954. From the design studies undertaken at that time it appeared that one of the biggest problems which would be encountered would be that of minimising the new ship's weight.

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    QE2: Details of Her Construction

    Of all-welded construction, the hull is divided by 13 watertight transverse bulkheads. Steel has been used up to main deck level with the superstructure in aluminium, supplied by Alcan lndustries Limited, in order to minimise topside weight. The decks are framed longitudinally on the foyer deck and above and transversely on all other decks.

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  • http://www.rmsqueenelizabeth2.com/1969ad.html

    Suppliers to Q4

    A collection of advertisements from the companies that provided everything from steel to fine china.

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